In-Vehicle Camera
No, you cannot download the video on your own. For your own accident footage, the accident reporting centre personnel will help download the video for you. For other non-accident related matters, you may look for DRO during office hours.
The camera records only when the engine is turned on.
No, only LTA approved cameras are allowed to be installed in our ComfortDelGro Taxis.
No, it does not record voice or sound.
It can store up to 48 hours of continuous recording. It automatically overwrites old recordings when the memory is full.
Please handle the camera with care and do not tamper with it. Even if the damage is due to negligence, we will waive the repair or replacement cost only for the first time. However, you will be liable for the cost of subsequent repairs or replacements.
The camera records only when the engine is turned on. In other words, if a vehicle collides into your taxi while it is stationary but the engine is turned on, the camera will record the event.
Please call the SOLO hotline at 98397360.
Please return to our Taxi camera section at CityCab building for further assessment.