Medical / Welfare
Company will decide base on the contract hirer has signed. You must be a hirer with at least of 30 days attached to a taxi during the qualifying period.
The qualifying periods are:

1 Jan to 31 Mar
1 Apr to 30 Jun
1 Jul to 30 Sep
1 Oct to 31 Dec

The payout is on last day of the following month after the qualifying period.
You can check from your CPF statement of account, the amount and date of credit.
Below are the criteria:

• Hirer must have full complete month of service
• Hirer must be attached to a taxi for at least 30 days
• On the day of payout, status of hire must be “active”
• Hirer who has tendered resignation before the payout will not receive the top up.
• Short term hirer and those in special promotion scheme will not qualify for this top up.

Our company has self insured our hirers for death, the amount will be based on hirers’ length of service as hirer:
• Less than 10 years - $3000
• 10 to less than 20 years service - $5000
• 20 to less than30 years service - $7000
• > 30 years’ service - $10000


Our company will help relief driver’s family with the following as funeral expenses according to their length of service:
• 2 to less than 10 years’ service - $500
• 10 to less than 20 years’ service - $1000
• > 20 years service - $2000


Any of our company’s hirer or relief who faces financial difficulties can apply for Cabby Hardship Fund.
You may email to DRO at or submit a form at General Counter.
Our company will evaluate and make recommendation to the Cabby Hardship Fund Committee, once they agree, we will then put up the CEO for his final approval.
Our company will inform applicant the outcome via letter / SMS.
Our company insures cabbies for medical expenses due to accident related injuries.
The insurance coverage for hirer is 24 hours.
The maximum medical reimbursement due to personal accident is $3000 per year.
Hirer can claim MC as below:
• 5 years’ service and below (Max 8 weeks)
• > 5 to 10 years’ service (Max 10 weeks)
• > 10 to 20 years service (Max 12 weeks)
• > 20 years’ service (Max 14 weeks)
Relief driver is not eligible for medical / hospitalization leave due to accident related injuries.


Our PA Insurance covers hirer’s & relief driver’s death or total permanent disability due to personal accident. Subject to insurance company’s approval.
For hirer:
• 5 years’ service and below - $30,000
• > 5 to 10 years’ service - $50,000
• > 10 to 20 years service - $70,000
• > 20 years’ service - $100,000
For relief:
• $30,000
All submissions are subject to approval by the insurance company


Yes, relief can also put up claim, maximum $3000 per year.
Yes, the relief must be on duty and driving our taxi.