Motor Buyback
You may head over to to purchase and/or find out more about the Motor BuyBack Policy.

All transactions and customer on-boarding are done via the MBB online portal to provide a hassle-free experience.


There will be no physical cash transactions.

The MBB policy is open to all existing Comfort & CityCab cabbies.
Yes, you will be able to buy the MBB policy again and the annual premium rate will remain the same.
You will receive a confirmation email with the policy schedule and documents within 1 working day after the transaction is completed. If you did not receive your policy documents after 1 working day, please email to us at for assistance.
If you are involved in an accident and are liable to pay for the accident excess, you will be required to sign a Letter of Authorisation when you report the accident at a CDG Taxi authorised workshop. The Letter of Authorisation will empower CDG Taxi to submit the claim on your behalf.

Please note that the policy will only take effect the following day. For example:


If you have purchase the MBB policy on 06/08/2021, the policy will only commence on 07/08/2021 for 12 months.

AXA will pay the claim as long as the date of accident is within the one-year policy period, subject to deductible of $500 per claim, and capped at $1,500 per annum in the aggregate.


You can claim multiple times within the period of insurance, subject to deductible of $500 per claim, and capped at $1,500 per annum in the aggregate.

The MBB policy will lapse under 2 conditions.

  1. It will lapse once the annual policy period is over, or
  2. Once the annual aggregate limit of S$1,500 is reached.


Once the MBB policy has lapsed or expired, you may purchase the policy again.