ComfortDelGro Taxi to Donate All Call Levies towards Cabby Hardship Fund for Cabbies
Company News 31 December 2019
Cabby Hardship Fund
Dear Cabbies

The Cabby Hardship Fund has been helping many of our cabbies and their immediate families since it started in 2016. To-date, more than $70,000 have been disbursed in aid of  91 cabbies. 

The Company has also had in the past three years donated $72,000 in call levies towards the Fund.


Come 31 December 2019, the last day of the year, the Company will once again be donating all call levies of completed booking jobs towards the Fund.

Help support a good cause and take as many bookings as you can! 

Wishing All A Happy 2020. Huat ah!

Thank you.

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