Cabby EDM Special Edition
Company News 01 October 2021
Cabby EDM Special Edition

1 October 2021

Dear Cabby,

Payment gateway service company, Wirecard, which processes credit card transactions on the cashless payment terminals in our taxis, will cease operations in November 2021 following the filing of insolvency by its parent company in Germany. 


As such, we would like to share how this will affect you and your passengers and how you can help them should you be asked. We also aim to replace the cashless payment terminals progressively from early-2022. These new terminals will be able to accept physical credit card payments again. 


Zero Admin Fee

For In-App Payments

Passengers can still pay using credit card for ComfortRIDE bookings or the “Pay for Street Hail” feature in the ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App.


The admin fee for in-app credit card payments will be waived till 31 December 2021.

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