CABBY EDM Issue 76 (9 - 22 Dec 2023)
Company News 22 December 2023
CABBY EDM Issue 76 (9 - 22 Dec 2023)

ISSUE 76 (9 Dec - 22 Dec 2023)

Dear Cabby,


Five Cabbies Received The

National Awards (COVID-19)

Five of our cabbies had the honour of receiving the COVID-19 Resilience Medal from the Ministry of Transport for their outstanding contributions during the pandemic. They had helped to transport Persons on Stay-Home Notice between the hospitals and their homes, as well as travellers between the Airport and their hotels for COVID testing. One of the recipients, Cabby Muhammad Zulkifli B Abdul Hamid, said: “I am glad to do my part in the nation’s fight against COVID-19 as a cabby.” Congratulations and thank you, cabbies, for your brave contributions!


Hearts Of Gold: Our

Kindness Champions 2023

For the 24th National Kindness Award – Transport Gold, two cabbies have won the Outstanding Award and nine cabbies have won the Commendation Award. They all have had received at least two commendations, as well as no more than two complaint cases and four demerit points/three repeated LTA offences within the qualifying period. Amongst them is Cabby Chua Poh San, who had accompanied his passenger in completing his mother's burial and did not charge him any waiting fees. Well done, Cabby Chua, as well as the 10 other kindness champs!


Don’t Hurry!

Check Before Moving Off

Passenger safety is our priority.


Before moving off, always take a moment to check that all passengers have safely boarded or alighted, and their belongings are not left behind.


Reminder: Touting And

Overcharging Are Offences

The Land Transport Authority takes a serious view of touting and overcharging. Such practices by a minority of drivers compromise the interests of passengers, and undermine the integrity of the point-to-point passenger transport industry. Click on the button below for more information.


Road Closures For The

Christmas Eve Street Party

Due to the Christmas Eve street party along Orchard Road, The following roads will be closed to all vehicular traffic from 24 December 2023, 6pm to 25 December 2023, 2am:


1) Orchard Rd (from Scotts Rd to Bideford Rd),

2) Slip road leading into Orchard Rd from Scotts Rd; and

3) Carriageway of Mount Elizabeth towards Orchard Rd (from Nutmeg Rd to Orchard Rd)

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